The football community in Australia has reason to be nervous because nerves reflect the bid’s strength, and Australia’s bid is strong.

Not only is Australia a suitable host, but Australia would also be the best host. Here’s the evidence.


Australia has proved to the world it can host global events. In 2000, Sydney hosted the Olympic Games. It will be long remembered by Australians and the world. For the record, Norway claimed the women’s football gold medal in a 3-2 extra-time win over the United States.

Earlier this year Australia hosted the Women’s Cricket T20 World Cup, with Australia lifting the trophy in front of nearly 90,000 people in Melbourne. On International Women’s Day. It was a dream for cricket and one for Australia.

And it shows the Matildas – dreams come true.


Australia has ready-built, world class stadiums prepared to host a Football World Cup. Stadiums with large capacities that can cater for football’s biggest stage.

With all eyes on Australia it would be the best seat in the house.


Australia has much to offer: the charm of Adelaide; the sunshine of Brisbane and the Gold Coast; the culture of Melbourne; the vibrance of Perth; and the magic of Sydney.

Australia beckons for visitors. In the past six months alone many a tourism dollar has been lost due to a global pandemic, raging bushfires and devastating floods. By 2023, a World Cup berth would put Australia on the map to millions of potential travellers and football fans across the globe.

The most recent World Cup attracted over a million people to France. And if Australia got the same, or more – new mates would be welcomed with open arms.


Australia is a sport-loving country and the favourite is football. With origins from all over the world, Australia is the perfect place to celebrate the ethnic and cultural diversity that only football can provide.

In time, many results at the World Cup will be forgotten, scores will be overlooked, and memory of matches lost. What will be remembered is the feeling of being part of a Football World Cup. In Australia! Making and sharing memories with the world. It is what women’s football in Australia yearns for. And deserves.

For now, one can only dream. Dream of the Matildas lifting the trophy in front of thousands, watched by billions. All on home soil.