Ante Milicic insisted that FFA will always treat the welfare of the Matildas squad as their upmost priority, with potentially hazardous conditions in China and at home.

The Matildas pre-Olympic qualification training camp will take place in Sydney amidst continuous concerns about air quality, with W-League contests postponed for the past two weekends.

Both Sydney and Canberra have been blanketed by hazardous smoke for weeks now, with both countries within the top 20 worst air-quality cities in the world, currently sitting at above 2.5 times the hazardous level.

A-League stalwart Paulo Retre called last week's conditions in Sydney the "toughest" he had played in, but said that compared to the bushfire victims, players breathing "a bit of smoke" was nothing to worry about.

Milicic said the conditions were being closely monitored by the entire nation.

“You are concerned for our camp but first and foremost you are concerned for all those areas that are affected," he said. 

“We are monitoring it as a sports team but as a nation everyone is looking at it.

“We would never put the welfare of our players or staff in doubt. It is one the team manager is working on daily."

The Matildas' challenges don't end upon leaving Australia however, with the site of their Olympic qualifiers, the central Chinese city of Wuhan, home to a mysterious pneumonia outbreak that is sparking fears of a new epidemic.

Nearly 60 people have been confirmed with the outbreak, which has been linked to a fishmarket in the area, causing widespread quarantining and even internet blocks by the Chinese government.

Again Milicic said the Matildas staff had the situation under control.

"Normally, of course you'd be concerned. The FFA is aware of it, the team manager and myself have discussed it, they're on top of it," he said. 

"We're monitoring the situation and doing all that we can to get on the front foot and we wouldn't jeopardise the welfare of the players or the staff.

"It's something we'll monitor day to day and see where it lands."