2019 World Cup: Australia vs Jamaica Group C

The Matildas World Cup campaign had not gone exactly to plan. In a tough group featuring Brazil and Italy, Australia faced Jamaica relying on goal difference to hold onto second place.

Two first-half headers and two close-range finishes in the second gave Australia the 4-1 win they needed.

Going into the match the team was unaware how many goals were needed to score, but Kerr played with an almost single-minded determination to get the result, scoring a crucial fourth goal by ruthlessly chasing down the keeper to tap into the net.

“I actually wanted more” was her response to the historic achievement.

She became the first Australian to score a hat-trick in a World Cup match and most importantly, the Matildas were through to the next round.

“I told her after the match that its good to sit back and watch her play” said Jamaica coach Hue Menzies, “I’d pay to watch her.”