With Adelaide United taking a 1-0 win against Brisbane Roar, the gates for the Premiership flung open for both Glory and Victory. 

Both teams came out firing, quite literally, with the opening minute producing some great chances on goal. However, Sam Kerr's miss early, which saw Casey Dumont come out and block the shot, may have come back to haunt her slightly as the first half went on.

It was end to end play at the Dorrien Gardens but the breakthrough eventually came with a header from Christine Nairn. 

Dumont was exceptional between the post, making crucial saves including anything that was come from Kerr, the leading W-League goalscorer. One of the best came late in the half when Kerr had to shots blocked at the near post.

Victory's pressing paid dividends as Emily Gielnik, a name the commentator seemed to have trouble pronouncing, drilled the ball home to extend their lead. 

The cracks were opening for Melbourne City to scrap into the top four with Perth only need to concede three more for that to happen. 

It was either attack or defend furiously until the break.

The Perth crowd thought Kerr deserved a penalty when she went down in the box but the referee waved it away. From there on the home crowd only became more vocal about their disapproval of the official's decisions. 

The whistle was blown for the break, coming a good time for Perth, who needed to regroup to find something extra in the second half. 

Perth came out determined to get a goal and it was Kerr leading the charge again. However, they weren't going to be able to score from outside the box and taking the ball in just wasn't going to work with the experience of the Victory defence. 

It left one option. 

Fans went crazy, music was blasting and Perth was back in the contest with a header home from Kerr. 

It became quite a physical match, but it was all relatively clean play, just each side was throwing their bodies into every challenge. 

As the half went on, there didn't look like there would be a way through for any player to score but while there was a feeling something big would happen, noting did.

It was a stalemate between both of the sides but as the final whistle blew two things were decided: Victory would win the Premiership and Perth Glory would join them alongside, Roar and Sydney FC in the finals series.