1. Who starts up front?

This is surely going to be a dilemma heading into the World Cup. All six forwards this tournament has brought their own thing to the team whether that be pace, agility or the ability to take on players. 

However, they are also still waiting for the return of Kyah Simon, who is recovering from ankle surgery. She'll likely have her chance to show Milicic what she can give to the team when they face the USA in April.

It's not easy choosing the best three to start each game, especially for a World Cup and they may change depending on the team Australia face. However, it's pretty the criteria for the three starting players should the ability to score or feed the target striker the ball. 

2. Can the Cup of Nations stay?

There is the Algarve Cup, Cyprus Cup, SheBelieve Cup, Tournament of Nations and now the Cup of Nations. All are important to national football teams who are trying to get regular matches during the calendar year. 

The inaugural round-robin tournament allowed invited World Cup bound nations the opportunity to play quality opposition and for Australia, it was a chance for fans to farewell the team on home soil. 

It was also important for another reason, it gave the Matildas the chance to play under their new head coach. If the Cup of Nations wasn't scheduled, it could've been interesting to see what would have happened.

It could become a tournament played in the year the Tournament of Nations isn't which would greatly prepare Australia for the Olympic qualifiers next year and other major events into the future. 

3. Argentine attack

They may be ranked no.36 in the world but they are a team that shouldn't be underestimated by their World Cup opponents. Argentine was able to put the Matildas defence under pressure and the 3-0 scoreline didn't reflect the closeness of the game. 

While the shots they were off the mark, it's probably the best opportunities they've had in front of goal this tournament. The more games Argentina play against quality opposition the stronger their forwards will get.