Here are some things learnt from the match.

1. Set Piece Master Class

For a reliable source of goals, modern football looks no further than the set piece and the Matildas are at the forefront of this trend. When goals are hard to come by from open play corners are an important source of goals.

The first set piece of the match was a classy corner produced by Elise Kellond-Knight, a corner so good that a defensive header from Poliana produced a goal many strikers would be proud to claim.

Fast forward half an hour, a corner from the other side of the pitch. Emily van Egmond lines up the corner and Tameka Butt puts the ball away for the Matildas to go in at halftime with the lead.

An element of luck was needed for the second goal, with Brazilian goalkeeper Bárbara misreading the ball, however, that doesn’t take away from the quality of the corner and the Matildas ability to find a goal from them.

2. Super Star Quality

Every quality side needs a superstar.

There can be no doubt Sam Kerr and Marta are the respective superstars for their national sides. Both were catalysts for their side. Kerr produced a cracking goal and created a handful of absolute quality chances, along the work rate to get back and defend late in the game.

For Brazil, Marta setup Debinha for Brazil’s lone goal through sheer persistence down the flanks and had skill so smooth Alanna Kennedy ended up falling over with no contact.

3. Referees Make for Good Matches

With the brewing rivalry between the Matildas and Brazil bubbling, strong challenges are part and parcel of these games.

We’ve seen matches between these sides where referees have struggled to gain control of play, however, this was not the case here. The challenges and passion were still present, but from the beginning, referee Christina Unkel had full control of the game.

Not afraid to pull out a yellow card when necessary, Unkel was fair in how she controlled the game and never looked likely to let the play get out of hand.