1. The Jets got what they deserved

Ash Wilson’s team have been promising so much this season and finally delivered in fine style. The scoreline didn’t come close to reflecting how good the Jets were. 

The defence were rock solid while the midfield ran hard all game. The energy and enthusiasm was too much for a Wanderers outfit who at times looked disjointed and disinterested.

Lauren Allan was excellent with two well taken goals while Tara Andrews showed why she is one of the leagues best with another goal. Gema Simon broke her drought to put an underline on the scoreboard.

Courtney Newbon had a mixed day but some brilliant saves stopped the scoreboard blowing out. 

Hannah Brewer and Tessa Tamplin were also prominent as the young Jets showed what they were capable of.

If Wilson can keep the team playing with the same energy, a finals push is not out of the question. 

2. Better kick off time needed

4.05pm on a warm Saturday afternoon does little to attract fans to the game or on TV. If this game kicked-off at 6pm it would have been perfect.

This gives enough time for fans to get to the beach, finish junior sport commitments, do the family grocery shopping and then go and enjoy some top level football. 

Newcastle has a rich history in women’s football. Numerous Matildas have come from the region. Using them to market the game and build the tribalism would also enhance the Jets W-League profile. 

The way Ash Wilson’s team played today, they deserve a decent following. 

3. “No. 2 Sportsground” is more than just a name

It may be superficial, but having a home ground called “No. 2 Sportsground” really doesn’t do the venue and the Jets justice. 

It is one of the better grounds in the league in terms of being a proper football venue where the fans are close to the action and the pitch is usually decent. The local council needs to consider putting more seats around, but leave some of the grassy banks. 

Maybe they are waiting for Jets legend Tara Andrews to retire, “Tara Andrews Stadium” has a nice ring to it.