Sam Kerr has formed a little bit of a reputation among keen female football fans for her seemingly consistent snubbings at FIFA award ceremonies.

It begun after Kerr's phenomenal 2017 season wasn't recognised by FIFA's Player of the Year nominations, with even US College system players getting a nod in her place.

It then continued throughout the past two years, culminating in perhaps the gravest offence, when Kerr was eclipsed by Marta and numerous others for FIFA's Team XI.

This was despite scoring more domestic goals than every striker in the team combined (and three times as many as Marta). All of which led Aussie fans to get the hump, to put it lightly.

But we can now sit relieved that it's not only us Down Under that bare the brunt of some curious award decision making.

The NWSL Team of the Year awards over night featured Kerr - not that they had a choice with the Golden Boot winner - but missed the league's leading assister Debinha, alongside upcoming Grand Final stars Kristen Hamilton and Yuki Nagasoto, to name just a few.



Instead, they chose the likes of Rose Lavelle, who admittedly is a brilliant young player, but only started five matches throughout the entire season.

Much like Kerr's various exclusions, the outcry came thick and fast.

Although perhaps the fact that the outrage brigade this time included the likes of Sydney Leroux, Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd means the voices will be taken a little more seriously than us Aussie fans.

Either way, increased scrutiny on female football awards is much needed, we think.