Western Sydney Wanderers’s coach Dean Heffernan has an embarrassment of riches at his disposal in 2019/20.

Lynn Williams, Denise O’Sullivan and Kristen Hamilton are the foreign stars, while Courtney Nevin, Cortnee Vine and Kyra-Cooney Cross are the local young talent. 

However, right at the thick of the action is ever reliable midfielder Ella Mastrantonio. The former Matilda, who has played 94 W League games, is fast becoming one of the most important pieces in Heffernan’s jigsaw puzzle as the Wanderers look to make finals for the first time ever. 

“Ella’s got some of the best technique I have seen in the boy’s game and the women’s game,” praised Heffernan. “She can pass the ball better than most people.”

Heffernan admitted it's a coach's dream to have Mastrantonio and O’Sullivan working together with Amy Harrison in the middle of the park, along with the club’s young stars.

“It’s a good little balance we have, Denise O’Sullivan is one of the best midfielders in the world, her and Ella complement each other,” said Heffernan.

“Having Denise alongside her, it was really good for us to have those two working tirelessly together to get other players into the game in dangerous positions.

“Amy of course, we named her vice-captain yesterday, and it was great for her to get the winner for us.”

“To have those players around a top young Aussie in Kyra Cooney Cross, she should just be a sponge and enjoy it...she shows a little bit out there too.” 
The 27-year-old Mastrantonio will be one of the most important players as Heffernan’s team take on finals contender Brisbane Roar next Thursday night.
The first-year coach was happy with the spirit in the team admitting the younger players at Wanderland are thriving being around the senior players. 
“The good thing about the senior players is they are always ready to offer plenty of help which says a lot about our group,” said Heffernan.
“The young girls work hard and they are always ready to listen.