Number 3: World Cup Quarter Final 2015

This was the match that changed everything.

The Matildas had won big games before, they had beaten Brazil at the World Cup before and five years earlier they had won The Asian Cup, but these victories had gone criminally under-reported.

When they beat Brazil 1-0 in the World Cup Quarter Finals, they headlined the sports pages and begun their march toward becoming household names.

The match itself was a tightly contested affair with Australia containing a subdued Marta and absorbing any attacks that Brazil could muster, eventually forcing a breakthrough after Lisa De Vanna was played through and her well-struck shot could only be parried by the Brazilian goal keeper.

Reacting quickest Kyah Simon beat the defenders to the ball and side footed into the net in a display of composure and skill.

This wasn’t the most stylish, skillful display by The Matildas but Brazil had not conceded in the tournament up until that moment, no Australian team had won a knockout game at the world cup and women’s football result in Australia had ever been this recognized.