3. Claire Wheeler’s long-distance goal for Sydney University SFC

Only two Aussies who are playing abroad scored this week so a stunning goal in the domestic National Premier League NSW Women’s was added to this week’s list.

The Sydney University SFC took on the Illawarra Stingrays in the latest match of the round. Sydney University was able to apply some pressure and get numbers forwards when a poorly cleared ball found its way to the feet of Claire Wheeler outside the 18-yard box.

She was able to settle the ball and with her second touch, still outside the box, she sent a low ball into the left corner of the goal to put her team up 1-0.


2. Sam Kerr’s 12th goal in 12 games

Not very often do the terms goal and Sam Kerr not occur in the same sentence and this week was no different. Kerr already had a league best 11 goals entering the match and it would only take her five minutes to bring that total to 12.

Her initial strike was saved by the keeper, but with persistence and a little flair Kerr was able to knock the ball into the net.


1. Tameka Yallop’s game winning goal

Scoring goals for your team is always enjoyable, but there is something special about scoring a game winner. The game was an even contest and only saw one goal in the full 90 minutes.

Yallop might not have known it at the time since it was only the 37th minute but her lone goal would be all Klepp IL needed for the victory and to make the goal even better it was against, Lillestrøm KL, the top team in the Toppserien League.