The First Grade’s 10-1 victory, plus 9-0 to Reserves, put Sydney Olympic beyond the reach of Central Coast Mariners — their closest competitor in the NPL2 Club Championship.

Promotion to NPL1 makes Sydney Olympic only the second team in NSW to have men and women’s teams in NPL1 — along with Manly United FC.

First Grade coach, George Beltsos, said the outcome is a just reward for both grades’ efforts this season.

“This season’s success has been a combined effort from Reserves and First Grade, as well as all the other grades and coaching staff,” said Beltsos.

“John Boulous, our CEO, has been really helpful. Plus, all the directors — everything we’ve asked for, they’ve given it to us. They’ve helped us bring in new players; improved training grounds; dinners and rewarding the girls. They’ve spent a lot of money on the girls — we honestly couldn’t have done it without them.

“Special mention should also go to Special K (Kellogg’s), who’ve sponsored our women for the past two years, and has had a major impact on our morale and success.”

Last week’s comprehensive results are indicative of Sydney Olympic’s dominance throughout the season. Their Reserves have lost only one game this season; while First Grade have only dropped a staggering two points all season — or, in other words, they have 18 wins and one draw from a possible 19 games.

Beltsos reaffirmed the celebrations wouldn’t last long, though. He said they have targets they still need to attain for the season to be deemed a success — namely, the Championship.

“We’re getting ready for the finals series now. We’ve got some injuries — quite a few niggling injuries,” said Beltsos.

“We’re undefeated at the moment but that’s not the most important thing right now. We want to win the Championships for Reserves and First Grade.”

As a club, it seems Sydney Olympic’s men and women programs are on the way up.

CEO John Boulous was the former CEO of Football Federation Tasmania, while the club recently signed Sydney FC’s W-League manager, Ante Juric, as their General Manager of Football.

“The women’s program at the club is the best it’s ever been, so things are really looking up,” said Beltsos.

“Sydney Olympic’s Women program began eight years ago, and I was there the first year. Back then we started in division three, State League.

“Now we’ve won two Premierships this season, and achieved our main goal which was to achieve promotion. We know we still have a lot of work to do for next season, but we have everything we need to be successful for next season and beyond,” he said.