It hadn't been the most memorable year for New Zealand, which included missing out on a medal at the Commonwealth Games in April. 

It was the first time the Silver Ferns had beaten the Diamonds in nine consecutive matches but also the first time they have won every quarter against Australia since 2010.

"I was really proud of our processes out there, we just kept chipping away," Silver Ferns captain Laura Langman said.

"It's been a testing couple of days to be fair but I'm really pleased that we got out there and did what we said what we were going to do," she said.

While Australia was looking to seal the Constellation Cup after two convincing wins on home soil, New Zealand was there to put up a fight. 

Both teams were shaky in the first quarter before Australia took control of the attack to build a five goal lead but up stepped Maria Folau, who scored six important goals for the Kiwi's to take the lead.

New Zealand was able to keep up their momentum in the second quarter to pull away to a five goal lead which the Diamonds couldn't overcome by halftime. It was the first time in 14 matches the Silver Ferns were able to win two consecutive quarters.  

The difference between the two sides was particularly seen in the goal circle were Folau was willing to take shots from anywhere while Australia's shooters continued to work their way to the post.

The penalty count wasn't in Australia's favour either, raking up 64 compared to New Zealand's 37.

Australia's hopes of equaling New Zealand biggest winning streak, which was established from 1995 to 1998 were dashed as the Kiwi's blew out to a big lead.

"We struggled from the get-go so they did a really good job defensively which we struggled to find space in our attacking end," Diamonds captain Caitlin Bassett said.

"I think we need to be comfortable being uncomfortable at times, there are sometimes in the past, we've managed to get out of it but today wasn't our day.

"I think a lot of things fell their way, we will go back and have a look at a lot of vision but I think we need to tighten up a few things in our attack end," she said.

The Ferns and Diamonds will meet one final time this year in the last game of the Constellation Cup on Thursday in Wellington.