The network was organised by Gabriella Fitzpatrick and the club's membership team.

FINS was launched by Ladies Who League media personality Mary Konstantopoulos, Sharks women's welfare manager Amanda King and long-term members Nicole O'Connor, Lyn Gannon and Kathryn Matthew.

"I think the importance of an initiative like FINS is just making it clear if you are a woman, there is a place for someone like you in the rugby league family, however if you want to be involved, whether it is as a member, as a part of our clubs, as a cheerleader, however you want to be involved, there is a place for you and I think making that message really clear, is positive," Konstantopoulos told Sharks media.

The Sharks will connect the community of FINS through Facebook groups, a monthly newsletter, and events.

There will be a FINS Pre-Match Function on August 18 before the Sharks play the North Queensland Cowboys. 

The ultimate goal is to build FINS into the best social network for women who love sport.