However, it was a fall in the semi-final which hurt the most as they went down 2-0 to Melbourne City, who went on to be crowned Champions once again.

It was a complete 180 from the 2016/17 season where the team was affected by off-field drama plus a new coach so stability was the key to their success last season. 

Over half the Australian players, stayed and played with the club in the off-season in a mid-week competition against junior NPL boys teams which allowed them to build a solid connection on and off the field. 

There was only the addition of Hayley Raso, Carson Pickett, Celeste Boureille and Wai Ki Cheung who only added depth to the squad while Pickett being the surprise packet of the internationals.

While Roar only had 21 goals to their name, it was their defence which made them stand out from the other teams as they only conceded 12 goals. While it did come down to the final match of the regular season to crown Roar as Premiers, they were able to show a new side of Roar. 

However, the squad has seen the departure of long-time players; Emily Gielnik (Victory), Tameka Butt (City) and Amy Chapman which will leave a hole in their attack while Hayley Raso is set for a lengthy spell on the sidelines as she rehabs from a back injury.

Roar have re-signed majority of their squad from last season with only two new internationals coming aboard to strengthen their attack. Jenna McCormick comes into the side for a month before heading back to Adelaide to start pre-season training for the AFLW.

The team has been focusing on their finishing throughout pre-season after having one of the lowest conversion rates (12%) last season.

"We've worked a lot on our ability to finish in the front third and I think the signings reflect that, but also give us depth and options," coach Mel Andreatta said.

"We've got players whose strengths lie in different areas, which gives us options and I think that variation is an area of growth that will be a difference this season, that will have attacking options that can bring something different to each game and it also creates competition.

"[We're] continuing to work on our mentality really honestly believing that we can take on any team and in any situation find a way to get on top I think that was a key lesson we learned from the semi-final," she said.