The Roosters named the maximum amount of marquee players which was capped at 15 and will have to sign seven non-marquee players.

The side features Jillaroos captain Ruan Sims along with NSW teammates Vanessa Foliaki, Corban McGregor, Lavina O'Mealey, Isabelle Kelly, Taleena Simon, Nita Maynard, Nakia Davis-Welsh, Elianna Walton and Maddie Studdon. 

"We were proactive in the early stages of the marquee signing phase to find the right players that fit in with what we do here at the Sydney Roosters," Roosters Football Relationships and Programs Manager Craig Walker said.

"Adam Hartigan and I wrote down a targeted list of players we wanted to speak to, made contact with them, invited them to the Club and spoke to them about what the Roosters are about," he added.

NRLW Sydney Roosters squad 2018:
Karina Brown 
Nakia Davis-Welsh 
Vanessa Foliaki
Kylie Hilder
Isabelle Kelly 
Nita Maynard
Corban McGregor 
Lavina O'Mealey
Taleena Simon
Ruan Sims
Shontelle Stowers
Maddie Studdon
Zehara Temara
Simaima Taufa
Elianna Walton