The game was littered with fouls and free kicks from both sides, and Australia were dished up as many yellow cards as goals scored.

Defensive performances shaped the first half score of 2-0 to the Matildas.

Brazil’s backline made some crucial errors, while Australia’s dictated the team’s passing momentum and stayed organised to smother their opponent's chances.  

Australia’s first goal, in the ninth minute, was an own goal from Poliana’s effort to head it out of the box following Elise Kellond-Knight’s corner.

The second, in the 38th minute, occurred in similar circumstances: keeper Barbara struggled to clear Emily van Egmond’s corner out of danger, and Tameka Butt artfully angled her body to head the ball into the goal.

Brazil’s attacking opportunities came from carefully placed long balls to their speedy wingers, exploiting the Matildas on the counter.

Four minutes into the game, Debinha sped off on the receiving end of a cross, but her shot went wide of the post.

    Pic special: Matildas defeat Brazil    

The next big opportunity for the side came from Andressinha, who made space for herself and cannoned the ball towards goal in the 30th minute, with Williams making an impressive save.

Whilst players such Hayley Raso and Chloe Logarzo placed pressure on goals in the first half, it was Sam Kerr who nabbed a goal from open play in the second.

Butt’s ball sliced through the defensive line; Kerr ran onto it, took it into the box and sent a powerful shot top left corner.  

The second half proved more fruitful Brazil, providing glimpses of a smart and speedy team with the potential to shock.

Marta used her outstanding technical abilities to control the middle of the park and pinpoint the long balls.

Trailing the ball down the line, she was able to slice the ball into the box on several occasions.

Debinha found the tricky angle on the end of one such pass, bringing the score to 3-1 in the 79th minute.

Brazil will seek their first Tournament of Nations win against Japan on July 29, at Pratt & Whitney Stadium, East Hartford, Connecticut. Kick-off is at 4.15pm ET (7.15am AEDT).

The Matildas will face the US on the same day and place, kicking off at 7pm (Monday 9am AEDT). You can tune in on Fox Sports 505, or discreetly follow the action at work on our Twitter.