The SA government have apparently pulled out of the FFA bid, insisting Hindmarsh Stadium was not big enough to host any games and refusing to reschedule AFL fixtures at Adelaide Oval to accommodate any WWC matches.

Adelaide also missed out on hosting any of the 2015 Asian Cup matches after a similar decision. 

Adelaide United Advisory Board Chair Ian Smith today said the State Government was turning its back on a chance to be part of a life-changing event.

"This is profoundly disappointing,” Smith said. "The world’s most popular sport played by the world’s best female players must have a place in Adelaide.

"Adelaide United was not consulted at all on this decision and we urge all parties to come together to reassess possibilities.

"We have been contacted by a wide range of stakeholders today saying how upset they are by this decision.

“And since the Government told Football Federation Australia it was not taking part, the tournament has been expanded to 32 teams suggesting there is scope for Adelaide.

"With the 32 teams participating in 2023, Adelaide would share in the sporting, tourism, and cultural benefits that only a World Cup can provide."

Smith added: "South Australia has a long and proud football tradition and it is unthinkable that the state would be denied the opportunity to participate in this global showcase for our game.

"Further, the legacy for the game in South Australia would be life-changing for the thousands of young female players who one day hope to represent the Matildas on the world stage."