From a successful World Cup campaign to an outstanding performance in the Olympic qualifiers our Matildas have shown great success in the past year. But it is many key players that have led to this great success.

Keep reading to find out about the outstanding women who make up a key part of the 2019/2020 squad...

Emily van Egmond - Number 10

Emily van Egmond has really made an impact within the Matildas squad over the past year. She has been a key player within the squad and has had some great performances especially in the Olympic Qualifiers.

In the toughest game so far against China the Matildas were down 0-1 in the 86th minute after a goal scored by China’s Tang Jiali potentially caused an upset against Ante Milic’s squad.

Not having conceded a goal the whole tournament until now, it was nerve-wracking to drop to second in the group and the possibility of facing South Korea was edging closer and closer, a battle that they didn’t want to face.

But it was Emily van Egmond who saved the day scoring a late goal in the 91st minute to top the group and face Vietnam. An amazing goal that saved the girls and made the Matildas road to Tokyo one step closer.

You can find the link to this amazing highlight right here.