Lisa De Vanna: goal vs USA 2012

Australian Football has never had a player quite like Lisa De Vanna.

She has a rare ability to run at full pace with the ball under total control or twist and turn out of tight marking often using a flick or trick that few players can produce.

At her peak, she was unstoppable and her goal against the USA in 2012 is a perfect example of why she’s one of the best players to ever represent the Matildas.

She received the ball at the halfway line under the close attention of two American defenders and embarks on a one-woman counter attack, turning away and sprinting down the line.

Both defenders struggled to keep up with her as she drove towards goal. As the keeper and final defender approach, she made the faintest of body swerves to open up space and clip the ball into the top corner.

It’s an extraordinary goal from a special player.