While Australia doesn't know who they will face in the semifinal yet, it could be a likely matchup with New Zealand if they beat Mozambique in tonight's qualifying final.

Elizabeth Cambage said the possible meeting between the two nations could be tough.

"NZ haveĀ a great coach and a great bunch of hard working girls," she said.

The Opals have been dominating throughout the Games scoring 331 points across their three matches.

However, after a disappointing third quarter against Canada, which saw them score 22-points,Ā the first time the Opals had beenĀ beaten in a quarter, there has been a big focus put on their defensive play.

"We didn't have a great third quarter against Canada and really needed to fix that and focus on getting the rebounds,"Ā Cambage said.

Opals coach Sandy Brondello agreed with Cambage and said it paid off last night.

"I thought we had really good focus, really good intensity there, good contributions from everyone,"Ā she said.

"We stayed consistent for four quarters and that's what you have to do if you want to be the best you can be."