Alyssa Healy, who is also a board director with the Australian Cricketers Association, remarked that while some adjustments would be necessary due to financial constraints, cutting the schedule is not the answer.

When speaking on the Unplayable Podcast, Healy stated: "It does not sit great, we do not want to loose any cricket" referring to herself and fellow players.  She went on to say "It would be a real shame.  Especially, the WBBL is such a great tournament for us. 

"You know it is the bulk amount of cricket that we get to play. We do not get to play a lot of 50-over cricket for our domestic competitions and that is something that us as a playing group have been pushing for the in the last few year to make sure that that WNCL competition is looked after.

"We do not want to loose any cricket.  I do not feel that our domestic players play enough cricket as it is. So we will have to wait and see what decisions are made."  She added "I know from a playing point of view, nobody wants to loose any cricket. We want to play as much as we possibly can.  

"Knowing that there is a (Women's) World Cup, a 50-over (Women's) World Cup on the horizon in February (2021) we want to make sure that we are playing as much cricket as we can to gain some momentum leading into that.  If that is domestically we want as much as we can."

Her young Australian teammate and fellow World Cup Winner Sophie Molineaux outlined the impact of cutting games to The West Australian.  "You cut games and people aren't going to get that game experience.  To improve and develop as sports people, you want to be out there in the thick of it.

"Being involved in the WBBL over the past five or six years, to see how far that's come over the time - we'd be pretty silly to take a step back from that and stop the momentum.  But I have every confidence in the people that are making those decisions that they'll keep women's cricket and its best interests at heart."