During a press conference addressing the Football Ferns environment on June 20, Martin was answering questions from the media when he stated “performance management issue" around a former staff member.

This morning NZ Football released a statement saying: "This statement was factually totally incorrect. There were no performance management issues as they relate to this former New Zealand Football staff member. Quite the opposite."

"New Zealand Football are pleased to take this opportunity to apologise to the former New Zealand staff member for making such a statement."

The staff member had raised concerns about the Football Ferns environment after a tour in March.

Andreas Heraf, who has been placed on leave, came under fire after a number of players wrote letters of complaint about him to the New Zealand Professional Footballers Association, with allegations around bullying, intimidation and a culture of fear.

They will not play under Heraf and last month an independent investigation was launched into the Football Ferns environment.

Martin stepped down as CEO of NZ Football on June 30 after four years at the helm and claims he had no prior knowledge of any allegations or issues about the Football Ferns environment.