Hireme is one of the finest league players in the world, a star for both New Zealand Warriors and the Black Ferns.

Her toughest challenge to date may be staying by her mother's side throughout the arduous hospitalisation process, but it certainly wasn't prioritising her mother over the Warriors.

"It was meant to be really, a bit of a silver lining you could say," Hireme told NRL.com.

"From the moment Mum came into hospital I would've already flown out to Australia by then if I had signed with an Australian club so staying back has been a real blessing.

"We didn't know what was going on with Mum and then we found out a lot more in detail about how serious the illness is and I've stayed by her side ever since really."

"If I don't end up playing a game I'm content with that," Hireme said.

"Mum wants me to play, she's still telling me to go and do my running. She'll make sure I've done a session, she's keeping me accountable in here.

"And the reason I want to get up and train every day is so that I know if there is opportunity and I do get to play then I'm ready to go.

"I think I owe that to the team back in Auckland. Although I can't be up there training alongside them they know I'm doing the work here and trust in that.

"I miss the girls and want to be around them but mum and my family are my priority so it's an easy decision to be here."