The breakdown of the squads has been released with each club able to take 15 marquee players.

There will be 60 marquee players including 20 New Zealand representatives, who are still to be selected, alongside the 40 Australians selected for the four clubs to choose from. 

However, there is no minimum amount of marquees clubs need to sign, with negotiations already starting.

"It's really up to the clubs who they want to bring into their team to play for the Premiership and obviously there is a minimum of seven spots for free-agents," Elite Women's Program Tiffany Slater said.

If marquee is not signed they can fall onto the non-marquee (free agent) list. 

There were worries that there wouldn't be enough non-marquee spots for a 22-player squad but it is now known that clubs have to fill a minimum of seven spots for free agent players.

Over the weekend with the National Championships and Thursday's Talent ID Day there will be plenty of prospective rugby league talent for club coaches to choose from.

"These four days have been key from a recruitment perspective but also for the girls to have exposure to the game and the elite level around them," Slater said.