Rado Vidosic's team are the strongest club in the country, by some margin. They clinched the W-League Premiership, the club's historic second, after 10 straight wins and seven consecutive cleansheets.

They'll finish the regular season invincibles if they can dispatch Brisbane Roar next week, but Vidosic isn't celebrating. City's greatest strength right now, is also their greatest weakness.

Vidosic's side stand to be hit harder than any other club by the international break before their semi-final, losing nine players with only a few days to prepare before the finals begin.

"I'm so proud of them, it's a fantastic bunch of girls and players," Vidosic begun.

"At the end we got a fully deserved Premiership. No breather, we're going to miss nine players in the FIFA break because for the semi-finals, most of them will get here on Friday.

"We won't have any time to prepare for the semi-finals, so we have to be really smart about how we use our time. 

"We spoke about that with the girls today and they're aware of it. They're going to get two or three days off and we'll start on Monday.

"No team, but we'll have a few days off to enjoy ourselves."

Vidosic also reserved praise for Ellie Carpenter, who scored for the first time in City blue and has been an incredibly effective piece of their title tilt this season.

"We've been working on her going around opponents and setting up people but we also ask her to go towards the near post and see if she can get something more out of it," Vidosic said.

"She's been most effective with the Matildas and we need to look out of her because she's young. If we don't look after her, she'll run herself into the ground.

"It's very important that we stick to our structure, when we do that we're very dangerous. With four, I'm quite happy.

"It was hard to score goals at the beginning of the season but now we're gelling and it's getting easier."