The campaign, which will be driven through social media, will empower organisations, companies, celebrities and the public to identify how they can take action to contribute to an improvement for women and girls within football.

“On the anniversary of Women in Football’s 10th season I am extremely proud to see us launch the #WhatIf campaign, standing alongside industry leaders, corporations and individuals, working together to create real and meaningful change," Co-founder and Chair of Women in Football, Anna Kessel said.

“Ten years ago gender equality was barely even a conversation in football.

"Now it is firmly on the agenda.

"Bring on the next 10 years, and an exciting new era for women in our sector,” she said.

Some of the following companies have already made pledges: 

Sky Sports – #WhatIf Sky Sports committed to including female talent as studio pundits on Gillette Soccer Specials from the 2018/19 season onwards.

Twitter - #WhatIf Women in Football had its own emoji on Twitter.

Betfair - #WhatIf Betfair ring-fenced 50 percent of their Cash4Clubs grassroots grants for women’s teams to help support their growth and sustainability.

The #WhatIf also grew on Twitter with individuals also pledging to help do their part:

Find out more about the campaign here.