At the 2015 World Cup in Canada, $15 million was shared among 24 teams but this is set to "significantly increase” with FIFA official Emily Shaw making the announcement at the Women In Sports Law conference.

The total sum will be confirmed in October when the FIFA Council meets.

There has been a disparity between men and women in the tournaments and commercial deals. The 2018 World Cup Champions, France, earned $38 million in a prize pool of $791 million while the United States, who won the 2015 World Cup got $2 million.

At the last World Cup, the Matildas took home $400,000 in prize money from making the quarterfinals while the Socceroos, who bundled out of the group stages, took $8 million.

While FIFA have also pledged to cover business-class flights to France this won't be available for all teams. 

Shaw said that flight upgrades to business class will be paid except for team flights under four hours. This is likely to exclude all European teams. In comparison, FIFA offered “business-class return flights for 50 people” to all men’s team delegations going to Russia. 

“It is definitely progress and, for those teams that travel enormous distances, it is going to come as a huge relief,” former FIFA Council member and Matilda Moya Dodd told AP at the conference.

Dodd also suggested that the women's prize fund be increased to at least $40 million.

“Leaders in sport should not be content to sit back and let the gender pay gap get wider in absolute terms on their watch,” she said.

FIFA have also stated they want to pay for preparation cost for teams headed to France with men's team receiving $1.5 million and want to compensate women’s clubs for releasing players for the World Cup.