The Matildas are currently in Houston to face the world number two United States at 12:30pm (AEDT) this Friday April 5, in what promises to be the first true test of Milicic's coaching tenure.

Milicic took out the inaugural Cup of Nations in his first three matches in charge, defeating Argentina, South Korea and New Zealand by scoring nine goals and conceding only once.

But the USA - who the Matildas have defeated only once - present another echelon of talent, closer to the likes the Aussies will have to overcome if they're going to launch a late run at June's World Cup.

"It was a good session, to get the players in the match stadium and become familiar with the distances, ball speed, conditions and atmosphere," Milicic said.

"Now for a good final hit out before the game.

"(The Matildas' U.S based contingent) came in a little bit later so we've had to individualise the program a little bit but I'm used to that in international football - video sessions, analysis, we're in a good place when it comes to the preparation.

"I feel good to be playing a quality opponent that's been together and has a lot of experience, not just in their playing but their coaching staff.

"It's a very good experience to be playing them and a lot of players are going to be playing on a very high stage, I'm sure they're going to put in a good performance."

The USA - despite boasting a seasoned squad in the lead up to France - haven't exhibited their usual powerhouse dominance over the past five fixtures, losing 3-1 to the French while stuttering through draws against Japan and England.

The friendly provides an interesting opportunity for Milicic, who toyed with a myriad of stylistic approaches over a strong Cup of Nations campaign, to build the side's confidence to fever-pitch heading into the World Cup.

"We're building towards a World Cup, that's where the results are going to be most important," he said. "We've made good little steps so far.

"We've got a good core of experienced girls here as well but the new girls have settled in well and it's shown in the training sessions, the way they've conducted themselves."

The Matildas will face Italy, Brazil and Jamaica at the World Cup in June.