Her dismissal from the 2018 runner-ups squad for the upcoming season saw the club receive heavy backlash from fans. 

The 35-year-old thought she would finish her career with Fever, She had a three-year contract, with an opt-out clause for both parties, however, one-day before her contract ended, Medhurst was told she wasn't needed.

"It was a complete shock. We’d played the Suncorp Super Netball grand final on the Sunday. The free agents’ list was released the next day. I had no idea I was on it. Why would I? I had a contract. I was committed. I wasn’t planning to go anywhere," Medhurst wrote.

"Our awards dinner was on the Wednesday night. That morning, I had a meeting with my manager, Jason Dover, and I got a text message from a player at a rival club asking if I was coming to Melbourne. I just laughed and went, ‘What are you talking about? I’m signed for Fever next year'.

"This other player said, ‘Nah, I’ve got it on good authority that the club has just signed Alice Teague-Neeld’."

The club was supposed to give Medhurst a month's notice if they intended in opting-out. She was left without a job.

She didn't want players to find out through the media what had happened but was only given an hour to do so, with the press release set to go out on Friday afternoon. 

"I only ended up getting to talk to four players and that was horrible as well, just because I felt like I had to rush through the conversations so I could get onto the next one within such a short time frame. Some of the girls were in tears."

After news the Fever wouldn't have their beloved favourite on the 2019 roster, there was outrage. The club would go on the claim that Medhurst had other offers on the table. 

However, the former Australian Diamond came close to retiring, even after her meeting with the Collingwood Magpies. But in the end, Medhurst would end up being offered a two-year deal with the Melbourne-based club.

She admitted that she was in disbelief.

"I was like, ‘Are they serious? They know how old I am, don’t they?’"

"One club was getting rid of me because I’m too old and the other wants to sign me for two years despite my age."

In what could be considered ironic circumstances, Medhurst will face Fever on Friday in the Suncorp #TeamGirls Cup, a pre-season tournament being held in Brisbane. 

All matches will be streamed live on Telstra TV and the Netball Live App while the Suncorp #TeamGirls Cup Grand Final will be broadcast live on Channel 9.