To be given a seeded position at the World Cup, the country must be one of the six top ranked teams or be the host nation.

Australia picked up valuable points in their undefeated Tournament of Nations campaign as well as in their draw against England last month. 

With this information plus other results including losses for teams ranked above Australia, it would mean that the Matildas would've jumped from eighth to sixth.

After losing to Chile on Saturday in Penrith, there was a possibility Australia wouldn't get the seed, but Tuesday night's 5-0 win over the South Americans in Newcastle meant there was still hope.

It all depended on one particular result though.

The UEFA Play-off final between Switzerland and the Netherlands would decide if the Matildas could maintain their FIFA sixth placed ranking.

Reigning European Champions, the Netherlands sat in seventh and were headed to their second World Cup after winning their first match of the two-leg decider 3-0.

To secure a seed, the Dutch just needed to win to jump the Matildas when the next rankings were released before the World Cup draw in December.

However, a 1-1 draw in the final leg meant that the Matildas fans could rejoice in having a seeded spot. 

This means Australia will avoid the likes of Germany, the United States, France and England in their World Cup group. 

The draw for the World Cup will take place on December 9 at 4am (AEDT).