From Uber driver to Pizza Hut employee, high school helper to consultant-in-waiting, the Matildas have revealed the surprising jobs they have to work alongside football.

While Australia's senior internationals have left their second jobs in the past, benefiting from wage rises to focus on football, gender pay gap means fringe Matildas and W-League players are still forced to double up.

Many seek extra work to top up their incomes, still depressingly low by industry standards.

Others are trying to build skills for their post-football careers, and some are just looking for perspective outside the soccer bubble.

Caitlin Foord says she spent the 2017/18 W-League campaign as a part-time physio's aide.

"I did it to keep myself busy at my physio I go to, just helping out. Just to see what it was like," she said.

A previous foray into a different line of work didn't go so well.

"When I was injured, I was bored and I got sick of having the same conversations with people," she said. "So I signed up as an Uber driver and drove people around Wollongong.

"It lasted 48 hours. I worked a Friday and Saturday night. One person recognised me, a friend of a friend. She said 'uhh Caitlin what are you doing?'"

Foord said she could see the attraction to driving for Uber full-time.

"It was addictive. There are noises and lights and then when you get someone, you get to meet them," she said. "But at the end of I was like, is this really worth it?"

Defender Alanna Kennedy's last non-playing job was selling soccer jerseys at a retail store.

"I got to sell Socceroos jerseys," she said. "Before that I was working at Pizza Hut.

"I had a shift on a Friday night but I decided late to go down to Wollongong to see Caitlin.

"I cancelled my shift. I called in and told my boss 'I'm not well'. I caught a bus down there and as I'm standing at the bus stop, one of the delivery drivers drove past with my boss in the car.

"I never worked there again," she laughed.

While humorous, the pair's anecdotes aren't typical of the average female footballer.

Unless a player has a W-League contract and either an overseas playing deal or being paid from Matildas duty, there is little chance of earning the average Australian wage of $63,700.