Lydia Williams - 7.5

She was sold short for Huynh Nhu's consolation strike, the Vietnamese skipper's perfectly executed lob virtually unstoppable for the onrushing keeper. It wasn't the first time she was placed under immense, and perhaps unfair, pressure throughout the latter stages.

Other than that, on the few occasions she was called upon, she performed well and scrambled passionately.

Steph Catley - 7

No Matilda was exceptional tonight in a game that lulled severely after Hayley Raso's goal until the final 10 minutes, so a seven rating affirms Catley's decent shift.

Her first touch was excellent, using her positioning to drift past Thi Tuoi Pham and break into dangerous positions. Her final ball, however, was often less than desirable.

Clare Polkinghorne - 6

It was a cringeworthy night for both Matildas centrehalves. Both Polkinghorne and Alanna Kennedy were caught time and again by lofted balls and quick counters and they seemed surprisingly fragile under even the slightest pressure.

Perhaps most worryingly, they were constantly caught in dangerous 2-2 battles due to fast Vietnamese breaks. Battles that they couldn't assert their dominance in.

Alanna Kennedy - 6

Read above, but it's worth adding that those back passes - it could have easily been Polks or Kennedy judging on recent performances - are becoming a real issue.

It was Kennedy's back-pass that led to Vietnam's goal and disrupted the entire squad.

Ellie Carpenter - 6.5

It wasn't Carpenter at her dynamic, demonstrable best and she was replaced relatively early by Karly Roestbakken.