Karly Roestbakken - 7

One of the few in that Matildas squad who wasn't on fire tonight, which feels a little rough. She's very solid Roestbakken, but she did impress us more against Taiwan with those piercing passes.

We feel she's got more to give and we're sure she'll mature into a more imposing player soon enough.

Katrina Gorry - 7

She wasn't bad, but she couldn't excite us like she did against Taiwan. The problem appeared to be her final ball, which was on point against Taipei but was off kilter tonight.

It spread through the team and was the major reason why we struggled at the beginning of the match. Unfortunately, after Gorry's withdrawal, we sprang to life again.

Aivi Luik - 9

Sensational across the park. We all know how great and consistent her passing is, one of the few Matildas that hits them right, every time. But to come in and have that sort of impact is still really impressive.

Emily van Egmond - 10

First ever international hat-trick but she does so much more than score goals, even when she's scoring goals. By our count that's three goals and five assists in two games. That's better than Lionel Messi. 

You bloody betcha it's a 10.

Kyah Simon - 9

We're running out of adjectives here, we're going to have to start inventing them. Phenomazible. That leap at the end, pwoah! 

It's almost unbelievable how quickly she's made herself integral to this team. She's now an undoubted starter.