Lydia Williams - 7

Coming off her line she made Australia fans nervous. A quick whip of the hand by Alanna Kennedy chasing down a ball indicating to the keeper to "sweep it up" was tense. Williams was keeping Australia in the contest but she could do nothing about China's blistering strike. 

Ellie Carpenter - 6

As Australia got more comfortable in the match Carpenter going forward was smarter. Defensively she was solid but China were finding pockets of space all across the back line. 

Clare Polkinghorne - 5

Polkinghorne's first 10 minutes saw Australia finding their feet when dealing with China's counter-attacks. It wasn't a pretty first ten minutes but she was tested throughout. 

Alanna Kennedy - 5

Hearts were in throats when Alanna Kennedy's passes weren't hitting the mark. She gave away possession way too many times when playing out from the back but she was often behind Polkinghorne chasing down Chinese defenders.

Steph Catley - 5

Catley going forward wasn't used as much as Carpenter and defensively China seemed to be enjoying Australia's left flank quite a bit. The counter-attack for their 86th minute goal was spring behind her. 

Emily Van Egmond - 6.5

After a hat-trick last time out we knew Van Egmond was going to be in a much tougher challenge this time out. She popped up when Australia needed her, snatching a late equaliser in the 90th minute. 

Elise Kellond-Knight - 6

Kennedy and Kellond-Knight needed to settle things down in the first half. They were the two main culprits when it came to losing possession in their own half. Kellond-Knight's passing was back up to her usual standard in the second half. 

Chloe Logarzo - 6.5

The new Bristol City midfielder was as tenacious as ever, throwing herself into challenges. 

Caitlin Foord - 6

Foord was hit and miss when holding up the ball, but it wasn't always her fault. There were times she shielded it beautifully but had no supporting runs. 

Hayley Raso - 6

Why is Raso always the first to go down with an injury? She was certainly targeted as a threat by China with the opponents limiting her space to be effective with her pace by playing a deep line. 

Sam Kerr - 5.5

The Chelsea superstar had a header that just went wide in the first half, but other than that, she didn't have too many chances. 


Kyah Simon - 6

The Matildas lifted with Simon's introduction setting up a chance moments after she came on.

Tameka Yallop - N/A