Casey Dumont is best known for her shot-stopping abilities.  She has won two W-League championships, two premierships and is also an active Matilda, having appeared on the roster for a decade.

However, the 28-year-old W-League and Matilda veteran has currently traded in her goalkeeping gloves for a nurses gown.

After her summer with the Melbourne Victory, she returned to her native Queensland to visit family.  When the borders closed and the pandemic amplified Dumont returned to her other profession, working as a Registered Nurse.  

Dumont received her bachelor's degree in nursing from Griffith University on the Gold Coast in 2013.While Dumont does express her love for nursing, the joy the profession brings her and the fact that she is lucky to have to passions she loves, she admits that at present she does miss football. 

While she does look forward to return to training to best prepare for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, she is currently focussed on her patients. 

To commemorate this year's International Nurses Day we celebrate all those working in the health care system, including nurse Dumont.