It’s being embraced by the men and not just any men, but former origin greats (FOGS).

“Alfie (Langer) and Gilly (Trevor Gillmeister) are going to help run the water for us, which is like so good," Kuk said.

“Getting former origin greats to come and run the water for you is just something that is kinda dream come true in a way.

“You don’t get that kind of special treatment in women’s footy and just to see the men come across is unreal," she said.

Kuk, who works as an ambulance officer away from football, said this year has been about catching up to NSW with the Blues pathways program paying dividends over the last three years.

She mentioned there have been extra camps and training sessions for the extended squad, as the Maroons have been proactive in attempting to catch back-up and change the result from the last two years.

“NSW was on the front foot, with all the new coaches and coaching staff they set-up really, really well and the (NSW) girls have come through and succeeded obviously.

“With Queensland, we have done our own pathways and this year is the first year we’ve all got together since February.

“It was a big step-up from last year where we got together that last week before we went to play, which was not enough and now we have a bit more preparation it just feels a lot more comfortable.

“We know how to run with each other and play footy with each other”, she said. 

Another highlight was having lunch with the men’s origin team while in camp on Tuesday and having the guys knowing who they are makes for one, big happy Queensland family.

Kuk feels she’s already has exceeded her own expectations for this season, as she didn’t think she’d be playing representative football given her injury.

But her performances at the National Championships for Queensland City made her a standout and she was always going to be chosen for the Maroons based on that great form and no matter the result come Friday evening, Kuk will be going hard and making up for lost time in what should be a thrilling game of women’s origin rugby league.