Camden-born Khamis, 32, has spoken of her pride at making a return to the western suburbs where she grew up and will now represent next season. 

And the centre forward hailed the appointment of ex-Sydney FC manager Dan Barrett as an important factor to make the move back west and says she’s looking forward to it.

“I had a good chat to him,” added Khamis. “We have the same goals we want to reach for the season. It’s a new change, big challenge ahead.

”Wanderers haven’t reached a final, so as a club we want to change that and make history for the first time ever. I want to be a part of that.”

The Wanderers made a big early statement during the off-season by signing ex-Sydney players Khamis, Kylie Ledbrook and Georgia Yeoman-Dale all in the one hit.

“The club really wanted change, so they’ve started with the right way about it,” said Khamis.

Despite the many new faces, pre-season won’t feel like the first day at a new school for the Wanderers

“A big chunk of us that left Sydney are still playing together,” said Khamis. “A few of us played in the NPL and had a successful season and wish to carry that over too,

"It’s a new look team. I think a very experienced team, which I think will hopefully help during the season.”

And Khamis vowed: “I’m wearing the red and black now. I’ll play with passion and pride for any club that I play for”.

Having been in the competition since the beginning, Khamis has seen the support for the league grow year after year, and hopes her new home crowd can get behind her and the new look side.

She added: “I hope the Wanderers fans can jump on board. I know they will. I hope we get the support, like they do with the men.

"I’m sure they’ll jump on board. I’ve been on the other end of it. I’m on their end this time, so I hope it all goes well.”