The Matildas veteran midfielder suffered the injury in a match with new Swedish club Kristianstads, who had only just begun their season when Kellond-Knight went down with the cruel injury.

“[I] finally got my chance but I blew it and went down with an ACL injury,” Kellond-Knight recalled to the Matildas website.

“I think all ACLs have a bit of an awkward component to them. There is a bit of cognitive, as well as contact, as well as twisting.

“I was defending and the ball had been thrown into a player in front of me. It was wet, [the ball] slid off her chest in a strange direction, so I had gone past her and she gave me a little push in the back at the time [when] I was hyper-extended."

It's a familiar pain for KK, who suffered the same injury 10 years ago. She says medical science and treatment has changed since then, and no two injuries are the same.

“I think [the rehabilitation process has] developed a lot in the ten years since I last had an ACL injury,” Kellond-Knight said.

“I wasn't up and going as smoothly as what I am now. I remember being in that brace for at least four to six weeks and just thinking, ‘this is slow.’

"They are very different injuries from that first one, so this one's not as complicated this time. I'm up and walking with a normal gait now and it's quite miraculous."

"As I quickly have come along, I'm riding on my bike as well, so I'm happy that this one has been been fast.

"I think the slow and painful part will be just getting back onto the football pitch because you need time for that ligament to really heal. Nothing can come quickly in that process, unfortunately."