The match was delayed due to power outages in the stadium leading up to the Matildas' contest, but generators providing electricity to the floodlights at Vietnam's Cam Pha Stadium, in Vietnam's QuαΊ£ng Ninh Province, failed just one minute after kick off.

The match had already been altered to play behind closed doors in Quang Ninh, due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the Matildas had been forced to spend much of their preparation locked in their hotel compound.

The Matildas have taken a 5-0 advantage into the second leg of their final Olympic qualification match, with the players' audible frustration evident on the pitch after the lights went out.

At the time of the sudden blackout, Clare Polkinghorne had the ball in the Matildas' defensive third and Vietnam were pressing, but the match was swiftly called off after viewers were plunged into total darkness.

One Australian was heard to cry "keep playing" in the resulting confusion, while another yelled "we can't see anything".

Former Matilda and Fox Sports commentator, Amy Duggan, admitted that she'd "never seen anything like it".