Whilst the Western Sydney Wanderers’ top class midfield and world class attack have understandably taken all the headlines this season, two of their less heralded players in rock solid centre backs Alex Huynh and Sam Staab have quietly gone about their business. 

Huynh and Staab have sat back and let their team mates takes the kudos for the Wanderers 100% start to the season, but they have more than done their fair share of work, shutting down the opposition and helping the team with the worst defence last year be one of the meanest and most uncompromising in 2019/20.

Staab has been like a brick wall all season, outmuscling opponents and more than holding her own in physical battles. Her style of play gives her team a real steel, something that was missing last season.

Huynh’s ability to read opponents and make crucial and timely tackles has been vital this season. It came to the fore last Thursday night when Brisbane were fighting back at 2-1. 

When looking at the combined stats of the two defenders in the opening three rounds, it makes for impressive reading. Between them they have 28 clearances, 25 duel wins and eight intercepts. They have only conceded five free kicks and crucially, only two goals. 

Their ability to come out of defence and set up play for the likes of Denise O’Sullivan, Ella Mastrantonio and Amy Harrison has also proven to be fruitful for the Wanderwomen.

Huynh and Staab have completed 403 passes at an accuracy of 83%, showing their reliability in moving the ball out of defence.

Combining with Erica Halloway and Courtney Nevin, Huynh and Staab show the Wanderers are the complete package in 2019/20.