The bad-blood between the two Aussie football heavyweights extends back to their time at Melbourne City together, when Montemurro coached the famously bombastic Matildas forward.

The resulting spectacle spilled over into the public arena briefly through a choice Tweet or two, but regardless of the passing of time, De Vanna isn't that thrilled about discussing it.

It was the choice subject when the winger was recently approached by British publication The Telegraph for a profile, after the publication also recently profiled Montemurro.

"Maybe you should ask him," was De Vanna's blunt retort to questions regarding their relationship.

"I won't interact with that man."

For all of De Vanna's fiery resistance, you can tell there is a strong element of introspection, a genuine down-to-earth consideration to her outlook as well.

In one breath she says she won't have anything to do with Montemurro, the next she admits that he is a good person.

"It's not a hateful relationship," she said.

"He's a good guy, obviously he's been successful but he's also been successful with the right team.

"Good luck with him and whatever he does. I want to respect the fact that, being an Australian coach, I want him to be successful.

"But at the same time the truth always comes out."

Unfortunately, we all may have to wait until De Vanna finally releases that tell-all autobiography before the truth - or at least her version of it - does, finally, come out.