The Scottish international was a massive drawcard for City this season, fresh off a history-making goalscoring campaign at the 2019 World Cup.

Emslie grew as City's season progressed and played a key role in securing the W-League giants' their record setting fourth crown in a tight 1-0 win over Sydney FC in the Grand Final.

Her strong performances towards the back end of the season came despite not knowing whether she would be able to return to Scotland following the final. When all was said and done, she couldn't even attend the majority of the celebrations.

"I was drug tested straight after the game so I missed a lot of the celebrations, which was unfortunate," Emslie told the Scottish FA.

"I then went straight from the game to the airport. I had to rush about various airports but now I'm back, I can properly relax and reflect.

"There was a lot of uncertainty in the build-up to the final about whether we'd be able to get home as the situation is obviously worsening across the world.

"The coronavirus hadn't really hit Australia until recently but the situation began to change rapidly and we had to play the final behind closed doors. I feel incredibly grateful to have got home OK."

Despite a mixed ending to her first campaign in Australia, Emslie is full of praise for the W-League. She now - alongside female footballers everywhere - faces an uncertain future, with her career on standstill due to the COVID19 pandemic.

She does, however, have a new puppy to keep her occupied under quarantine.

"Melbourne is a great club with amazing people, in a lovely city. I don't think I've enjoyed football as much in a while and I'm so grateful for the experience," she said.

"For the next wee while I'll just be resting, to recover from the season and get over the jet lag. Bonnie lives with myself and my boyfriend in Manchester and is just a puppy.

"I'll definitely be training her to lie down in the middle of the goals and stop the ball so I can take shots and get some practice in."