If you have not yet watched the clip, it takes place six days after the A-League announcement and depicts a late delivery arriving at a home packed with items representing the sides the Reds will be facing.

They range from the playful such as a cute Lion King toy for Brisbane Roar to the tongue-in-cheek oil can for Melbourne City.

Adelaide’s Digital Content Manager Tim Baker had the idea for a few months: “I thought it would be good to use a property from our platinum and back of shirt sponsor Starfish Developments, go through the house and use a different room or setting to show each home fixture.

"We shot and published that for the A-League and originally wanted to include the W-League home fixtures in the same video. Unfortunately they were delayed…so the team came together and someone suggested we have a courier show up and “deliver” the W-League fixtures."

The ideas came together very quickly, according to Baker, with a limited time to decide how they would reveal the fixtures, shoot and edit.

The majority of the work was completed over two days. Conveniently most of the required props belonged to a staff member or somebody they knew.

The rest of the items were either created (the Victory postcard) or found (the Westlife CD cover). That somebody at Adelaide United had a hard-copy Westlife CD on hand is worthy of its own story, but some mysteries are better left unsolved.

Two of the creative team’s personal favourites are the “Summernats Street Machine Magazine” reference and the Sam Kerr photo. Both had to be cut due to the fixtures, but were included as outtakes.

According to Baker, “some staff didn’t really know what Summernats was, but those of us that did thought it was funny.”

The videos were a team effort, with Baker highlighting the help of staff members Gianlica Filosi who was both the paper-plane pilot for the A-League clip, managing to perfect the landing after a few efforts and the human behind the mysterious mannequin arms with Jordan Trombetta credited as the “main man” on the W-League shoot.

The reaction to the video was overwhelmingly positive and was quickly shared on Twitter and W-League online forums.

“I was surprised and obviously very happy with the response” says Baker.

“I was convinced people would think it was overkill following the A-League one, luckily it was received well, apart from the mannequin hands, some felt that was creepy but it was just comedy, nothing more.”