Australian and American league bosses are meeting in the next fortnight to try and thrash out a deal on ways the two competitions could dovetail to mutual benefit.

FFA chief executive David Gallop said he was hopeful the talks might bear fruit.

"Clearly the standard of competition and the investment being made in women's football by many countries as well as big European clubs means Australian football must continue to provide good pathways and opportunities," he said.

"The inter-relationship with the American league has been an important part of the Australian game.

"Keeping the W-League growing and creating a longer season is also an important goal."

The need to keep improving the W-League is also set against the backdrop of independence talks with the A-League.

Gallop said he was cognisant of the need to keep investment in the women's game high; both at national and club levels.

"As we look towards the separation of the A-League, clearly there needs to be recognition that investment will need to be made in our W-League clubs," he said.

"I expect the current owners will fully recognise the importance of the W-League in growing their overall club business.

"There are clear examples of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts when you put A-League and W-League parts of the club business together."