“We are being looked after by a local church,” Mapuranga said.

“They have given us a place to sleep, but we spend the day at the courts practicing.”

Most girls, residing in the poorest areas of Zimbabwe, have never stepped foot on an indoor timber court before this week’s games in Uganda. They work in various jobs to simultaneously support their families and their netballing careers.

The lead coordinator for UK Zimbabwe Netball Team Fundraising, Barbara Siyachitema has been pleading to team supporters - and netball lovers in general - to contribute, even a dollar.

“It’s complex but the bottom line is the girls need help,” she said

“This (World Cup) is putting us on the world map, the girls need every support they can get.”

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the World Cup campaign, Mapuranga insists the controversy has not affected the players.

“It does affect the top (non-playing staff), but the players just focus on playing and winning,” Mapuranga said.

“We feel like we need to win against (Australia), we intend to beat (them).

“Women in Africa are the lowest citizens, lower than children. We have a long way to go but we will focus on winning.”

Regardless of how successful the girls may be in Liverpool, the initial goal surrounds funding their travel. With the proximity of the tournament, Mapuranga insists they need it all.

“We do not have the funding yet, we currently have nothing, but we always have hope.”