Roar will be looking to take out the 2018 W-League Championship after they claimed the Premiers’ Plate, downing Canberra United 4-1 at home last week.

The first semi-final will be between Sydney FC and Newcastle Jets on Saturday, followed by Roar entertaining Melbourne City at Perry Park on Sunday.

Gorry praised the culture they have at Roar and believes this was the biggest domestic season she has been involved in.The 25-year-old said the amount of foreigners now taking the W-league seriously was an indication of the progress.

“The Matildas are sitting at fourth in the world, it’s an exciting brand and a lot of countries are trying to do the same thing so why not come to Australia to learn how to do it properly?” Gorry told FourFourTwo. 

“That’s what so exciting about coming here now, we’re getting more foreigners here, not just Americans, but people from Norway and South Korea. 

“I think more players are starting to realise how good our league is and eventually we’ll be able to extend this league.

“People see how much success Sam Kerr has had on and off the field in the last 12 months, to see how much she’s achieved is so exciting for us and the Matildas as well. 

“These are all building blocks for more successful W-League seasons to come. This has been the best W-League season we’ve had across the board with the internationals coming in, how tight it’s been on the table and how exciting the games has been.”

Roar currently have Hong Kong international Cheung Wai Ki in their squad alongside American pair Celeste Boureille and Carson Pickett.

Pickett has played in all 12 games this season and has been substituted off just once. The 24-year-old was born without a left forearm and hand, but has excelled in the W-League and NWSL.

Gorry said Pickett was an inspiration to the team.

“I didn’t know too much about her before she came here, I watched a few NWSL games, but she came into the team perfectly,” she said.

“She’s an incredible athlete and someone I really look up to with how much she achieves and how much extra she puts in on and off the field. She’ll definitely be an exciting player to watch over the next few years and I’m sure it won’t be long until the national team pick her up too.

“Other things she does, you don’t really realise until she starts to do different things. She does her hair better than me and I’ve got two arms. She’s an exceptional person and puts in so much hard work, I’m glad she’s had a very successful season in Australia.”

Roar have not lost to City this season and was confident there would be many orange jerseys on Sunday.

“It always gives you a bit of confidence knowing we played well against them twice, but at the end of the day it’s finals football and anything can happen,” Gorry said.

“One of the best teams in the league and with the players they have in their team, they can do damage across the pitch. We know that and their key players and we’ll be ready to put on a good fight.

“We’ve got a pretty good crowd here, we love playing at home and it’s exciting for us to host a semi-final. I think we’re going to get a lot of supporters out to the game.”