United announced yesterday they were partnering with Bond University 'in the pursuit of providing an elite Women’s football program of world class standard on the Gold Coast'.

The club is hoping their commitment to women's football will set them apart from others as they pursue an A-League license again.

“We don’t believe that a licence should be issued to any club that is not interested in pursuing both the women’s and men’s version of the game," Maher said.

“It’s not just a men’s sport.

"We will also bid for a W-League licence,” he said.

However, the 'Invitation of EOI' has stated:

A Respondent may, where relevant, seek to address participation in the W-League and Y-League as part of its EOI Response, however, the expansion of those competitions will not automatically occur in line with expansion of the A-League because there are different factors governing their evolution and growth.

So the majority of the teams who have made their EOI have done so without supporting women's football or having announced their intentions for a W-League license as well.

The FFA Head of Women's Emma Highwood said earlier this year they were weighing up all their options as to where they want to go with W-League in the future as a full home and away season, better tv rights and expansion are all on the cards. 

One side who is bidding for an A-League license already has a W-League side in Canberra United with only four other bids officially announcing their intentions for a W-League team including South Melbourne, Southern Expansion, South-west Sydney and Wollongong.

While another four other bids either have a girls academy (Brisbane City) or have a women's team (Western Pride, Fremantle City and South Hobart). 

If FFA are heading down the path of equality, then maybe any expansion bid should have an interest in not only supporting men's football but women's as well.

This of course means, consideration for FFA when granting new licenses, as they should consider the ability of the expansion club to support and promote football as a whole. 

However, it's up to FFA now to make the decision.