The teenager and youngest member of her West Ham squad said it's hard to stay motivated during her downtime.

“It’s tough being at home all the time but we have to do what’s best for us and for the community, so that everyone can be safe," she told Sky Sports News.

"By staying at home now, hopefully we can get through this quicker and everyone can go out again sooner.

“I think I’m like most athletes in that I always need to be doing something. If I have too many days off, then it’s easy to feel not too motivated."

Galabadaarachchi made five appearances for the Hammers this season and is hoping to make a big impact when she returns to the UK, whenever that may be.

“I’m just thinking about the future, when we can go back to training, and I know we will need to be ready to get back to it very quickly," she said.

"Of course, mentally, it’s been very tough to find different things to do throughout the day while I have all this spare time. But I’m adjusting and it’s important to keep doing it.”