Galabadaarachchi's relative experience - she's been with West Ham United since July, 2019 - has given her a sense of perspective on the quality of the W-League against the quickly-rising WSL competition.

Although she's only made nine W-League and a handful of WSL appearances, largely as a substitute (it's worth remembering however, she's the youngest in the entire West Ham squad), Galabadaarachchi believes the difference in quality is palpable.

"The league here is of a much better quality than the one in Australia," she told West Ham's club website.

"It’s much more physical, it’s faster and it is more technical. Everything is just up that extra level here. The competition is way better too. 

"It was everything for me to get that first appearance in the Women’s Super League. It’s what I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl. I’ve always wanted to play in England, so it was a really big deal."

Galabadaarachchi's certainly not short on confidence, a trait that's allowed the natural dribbler to become one of the most highly rated prospects in Australian football.

She said that confidence has been drilled into her from a young age, playing football from just seven years old alongside her brother.

Her natural finesse was obvious during her formative W-League days, with the winger proud of her training ground nutmegs on Sam Kerr. Although she admits, she learned a lot from the Matildas captain.

"It wasn’t one (nutgmeg), it was twice! Twice in the same training session," Galabadaarachchi boasted. "But that wasn’t a good idea.

"I like mucking about a bit with the ball. I’m always taking training seriously, but I also like to have a bit of fun and try to play my teammates up.

"I got Sam the first time and she found it very funny, but then I did it again and she definitely didn’t like it. That second time was not a good idea. 

I’ve learned from that though, and I learned from Sam a lot as well. It was so exciting for me. She is thought of as one of the best players in the world, and rightly so.

"I was a bit nervous, first meeting her, but she was really nice and helped me feel relaxed. Training and working with her was just an amazing experience."

The Young Matilda said she's loving life in East London, with her short stature but big personality making her a hit among her teammates and fans alike.

"Since the first day I’ve been here, they’ve been awesome with me," she said.

"They make me feel like family. Everyone is so, so friendly and the environment is so welcoming. That being said, I get a lot of banter for being the youngest. Every, single day. 

"I look young as well, so they call me ‘baby’. Of course, I’m not a cheeky person and I’m totally innocent, so I’m not giving them banter back at all…"